Friday, August 31, 2012

Growing Up

Took the boys this morning to their first day of Co-Op at the new location. I figured that Al would be ok, but that DJ may want me to stick around for a while. Boy did I get that wrong! They went in fine, washed hands, moved their names and went about their business. They didn't even really want me to walk around with them to explore what the different rooms had to offer! I was bummed! Guess they are growing up.

Well while the boys were at school and the girls with our sitter I worked more on this pesky dissertation.  Suffice it to say Microsoft Word and I are no longer friends......

So on Tuesday & Thursdays when the boys have Co-Op they get out at 11:30 and S's kindergarten starts at noon at the same location. Today we packed a picnic lunch of hummus, veggies, tortillas and the kids got a juice box. S finished quickly and was really anxious to get into school and get going. When they finally started to let her class in she ran off without even a good-bye! I had to catch her and ask if she wanted a good-bye outside or us to meet her in the classroom when the boys finished up. She asked for an inside good-bye, which was funny, because when we came in she was so engrossed in her book that she didn't really want to say good-bye. :) I can't believe that she is the same child who was a little timid yesterday (literally yesterday) at Kindergarten and today was ready to go without even a by-your-leave........

I have always wanted my kiddos to be independent, but these past two days have been a shocker. They were never super clingy, but this has been surprising. I'm glad that they love their new Co-Op and I like to thank them for some of this independence. It's just been a surprising day.

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