Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growing up

My little S is growing up. Tomorrow begins her Kindergarten journey. Hubby and I made the decision to keep her at her Co-Op preschool, which offers a half-day afternoon kindergarten, to minimize the stress to her in this period of transition. And to be honest- we can put off that day of dropping off our oldest at "big kid" school a little longer. I worry about how she will adjust to big kid school having been in Co-Op for 2+ years, but I know she will be fine. But what about me?!

I am excited for her. I know she is excited about learning to read and I can only imagine the doors that will open for her, but it's frightening to me! Today was our last afternoon home together and I so wanted to do something special with just her, but it just wasn't feasible. I'm feeling a bit guilty, but I have to keep remembering that we did some mama & daughter stuff earlier in the month. I don't think it will matter to her that we didn't have one last special afternoon, and I won't make a big deal about it because Al is already upset that he cannot have a special lunch date with me (his request) for a while due to scheduling issues.

So I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, but of course tomorrow is the first day, but parents are required to be present the entire time, so her first "real" day isn't until Thursday. Can I stretch that out some more? Please? No?! This whole school thing is a lot more stressful that I thought it would be.

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  1. I bet she had a great day and will tomorrow, too! Also, I think letting her adjust to K while still at the Co-Op was such a great idea :) Also, you'll be just fine, too, mama. And if you cry, well, join the club!