Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new year, a new schedule

So today made me realize that this year is the start of a new world in schedules. Here is a synopsis of today from midnight forward

midnight- pack up from school and head home
1am- turn off light and get some sleep
7:15- wake-up & shower
7:45- get kids awake & dressed & fed
8:45- kids done eating and starting to clean-up breakfast
9:15- out the door to go to swim lessons (mind you the house has to be checked for cleanliness since it is on the market)
9:30-10- boys have swim lessons at YMCA
10:30-11:15 boys took first gymnastics lessons at YMCA
11:15-11:45 leave Y, head home, drop off Al, DJ and B with sitter and leave to take S to kindergarten
12-2:30- kindergarten
3-6 playtime
6- dinner
7- leave to head to school to finish edits on dissertation
midnight- head home!

Whew! I'm beat just looking at that! I am SO thankful that I will be DONE with this dissertation very, very soon, but even without the schooling on my part this is going to be interesting. I am used to the kiddos only going to school 2 days per week, this whole 5 days per week thing is throwing me off already and we have only had 1 day thus far!

So here is my lessons for the day, when scheduling things you MUST remember that your child now attends school everyday!

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