Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Sleep has always been an issues in our home since baby #1, and well when you think about it having four consecutive babies in 4 years and 6 days you tend to not get good sleep. So these days we are drugging B with melatonin everynight and have just added DJ to the list. Totally spaced the other night with B and 45 minutes later she was still up chattering away in her crib with NO intention of going to sleep. Melaotnin in and within 20 minutes she was asleep. We started giving it to DJ because he's been taking AGES to go to sleep, regardless of when we put him to bed. The other night it took him over 90 minutes to get to sleep. Add on top of that he wakes up to pee between 10 and midnight and pretty much refuses to return to his own bed. Now we have a small mattress on the floor in our room right next to our bed where DJ likes to sleep once he has had his nightly pee.

He's a funny little thing. Some nights he just wants to sleep in our room, regardless of the sleeping situation. In fact while I had been returning to school in the evenings to work out the kinks in the dissertation I came home a few nights to hubby passed out in bed and DJ right beside him. I just then slept on the couch and let the boys take their rest. In the morning hubby had no clue that DJ had climbed into bed! We're hoping that the melatonin makes it easier for him to stay in his own bed. I don't mind him sleeping on the mattress in our room, but he slurps his thumb while he sleeps and it can drive hubby NUTS!

So what's the point of my post? I don't really know, I just felt like sharing our sleeping situation. If anyone has any suggestions about how to get a newly 3 year old to sleep the night in his own bed we would much appreciate it.

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  1. I'm so glad the Melatonin has worked for B. I'd wondered how she'd do without it (since E weaned off it no problem) - bummer. For DJ, maybe try some behavior modification? A behavior/sticker chart with increasing rewards based on how long he stays in his bed? Then again, maybe he's trying to tell you that he needs some additional one-on-one time during the day (which I totally get may not be feasible). good luck! I know how awful the sleeping problems can be!!