Monday, June 27, 2011

Random facts about us

So you know about my kids, me and the hubby and the PhD (which I started collecting data on 2 subjects!). I thought I would fill you in on a few other things about our family and our choices. After reading this I am sure you will call me crazy.

So first of the random things. I use CLOTH DIAPERS! Yes I do! I love my cloth diapers and have used them since S was born, in fact baby B is wearing diapers that S wore. Now isn't that cool!  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it means about 2 extra loads on laundry a week, which since I have been doing it for 4 years it's just routine at this point. I have always had at least one in diapers and no more than 2. That means that S was potty trained before #3 (DJ) was born and that Al was before baby B was born. We are currently working on potty training DJ, which hasn't been going too well, but he so wants to use the potty that I refuse to put him in diapers. Anyways, back to the cloth diapers, we use basic prefolds, Bum Genius, Kissaluvs, and Tots Bots. I am currently loving the tots bots more than my bum genius which I have used for 3+ years, no sorting required, just stuffing! And in case you were wondering we use cloth wipes as well.

Another random thing and very important one at that: I am a breastfeeding mama. I support all forms of breastfeeding, whether it's the traditional mom & baby or the mom without enough milk getting milk from another mom, I really believe that breastmilk is the best thing for our babies. I have breastfed each of my children for as long as possible, which was usually until something with the next pregnancy made it too difficult. My worst moment was when I found out I was pregnant with baby B and had to stop nursing DJ because he was actually falling off the growth chart and literally starving. My milk was coming in, but it was not in sufficient enough calories to keep him healthy, so we had to switch him to formula. I felt like a failure, since I had been able to nurse Al longer and only supplement with goat's milk (yes, I said goat's milk) until after his 1st birthday, which was quite a feat seeing as that Al and DJ are 14 months apart. I have a wonderful friend who has chronicled her pregnancy & breastfeeding journey, if you are in need of some inspiration from someone who did not find it as easy as I have. Visit her blog here. If you want to know how I manage breastfeeding and school I use a pump when I don't have baby B with me, but for classes I have been blessed with understanding professors and have been able to bring all of my children at point when they were babies to class with me.

Last random fact: I had 1 hospital birth and 3 planned homebirths. S was born at the hospital and the rest at home with a midwife. I believe that women should have choices in birth, whether your choice is an epidural or birthing at home in a pool women need to be informed of all the choices and the consequences of their choices. Looking for an interesting read? Check out the book Pushed by Jennifer Block to find out more about the birthing and women's rights movement. Being a pediatric PT I was more than aware of what can happen to babies during and after a difficult birth and still made the choice to have my homebirths. While not everyone has supported hubby and I's choices to have homebirths I would not change things about them. How many of your husbands/fathers/partners have been able to "catch" their baby? Mine has!

If after reading this and previous posts you don't think I'm crazy, then YOU must be crazy!

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