Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthdays, camping, the PhD and poison ivy

So I haven't posted in a while, it's been a crazy life (more than usual). I forgot how difficult it is to manage my family, write for the PhD and collect data for the PhD. My data collection process is seriously time intensive. I am at my client's home 3 times per week for 7-8 weeks for a minimum of 30 minutes, but usually an hour. Doesn't sound too bad at first, but make it 2-3 clients at different times of day (to make it the most conveient for the clients and not me) and different ends of the city and I feel a little nuts! I try not to complain, since this was obviously my choice, but it does make for an interesting week. I really enjoy my time with my clients, so if any of you are reading this don't feel guilty please!

In the midst of this we have had 2 birthdays and a camping trip. Hubby had his birthday on the 4th of July and we just had Al's 3rd birthday party although his actual birthday is next week. Hubby's birthday was fun- we finished up our camping trip on the 4th and had to pack up everything in the rain, and then the car wouldn't start. It's days like that that I am glad we camp with a group, two of the wonderful men in our group helped us take down the tent, pack the car and give us a jump. Thank the lord for them! Took the hubby out to dinner and had a rude server....... enough said. Poor guy- it wasn't the best birthday, but at least we were all together!

Al's party was a blast, we invited his friends from preschool and the neighbor kids. Gotta love that the preschoolers behaved better than the neighbor kids, who a) bossed around S and b) shoved and scratched S and Al, and maybe even DJ. I'm just thankful that he did not mess with the preschool guests. I have to say that my kids are better behaved than this going into 1st grade boy, who once told me "I don't have to say please and thank you to you- you're not my mom!" A special thank you to my parents, mother-in-law and aunt-in-law who all helped wrangle kids and clean my house for the party and supply it with food and drinks and balloons. I hope you had a wonderful time. I know we all did.

So I mentioned we had our second camping trip of the year, which I would generally say it was a success minus the car trouble, my poison ivy and the tragedy that struck our good friends. We spent most of the time at the pool or the kids swinging on a vine like Tarzan. We did learn that DJ does not like to be in the tent in a storm, he would prefer to be out in the pouring rain than be in a blowing tent. Poor little guy!

Did I mention poison ivy? I HATE poison ivy. We cleared out our back fence line a few weeks back and I didn't think anything about it. There was NO poison ivy visible. Then hubby came down with a spot on the back of his knee which swelled up and looked nasty. Doc said it was eczema and gave him steroid cream & pills. Well we now know hubby is allergic to oral steroids because a few days later he had strange marks (probably hives) all over his body. Which when we came to think of it, this is what happened last time he took oral steroids for poison ivy. A return trip to the original doc said oops! I was wrong it was poison ivy not eczema- duh! we could have told him that. Now while all that was going on I was fine, except for a very small irritation on my lower left calf, which spread across the front of my left ankle and foot. When I finally gave in to see the doctor they decided I had poison ivy as well and gave me topical cream, since I am breastfeeding and I don't like to take anything I don't have to take. Well, we'll just say that the cream did essentially nothing when it spread to my other leg, belly, arms and a breast. Gave in a started taking oral steroids, which thankfully I am NOT allergic to. I am still recovering from the poison ivy and unlike my husband my skin is scarring from it.

So my friends I hope you can forgive me for not posting for a while, as you see the crazy life of this mama has been a bit more crazy

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