Friday, June 10, 2011

How I do it........ the POOL

So how do you go to the pool with 4 kids and 1 adult?
I think most people would say no way, can't be done, you're nuts, crazy, etc. Seeing as how we have already established that I am not your typical crazy, but a special kind, I decided to take the adventure of taking my 4 to the Y pool.

First off we went after nap so they were all well rested and full of energy, which may sound like it makes it more difficult for me, but sometimes the higher the energy level the easier they can be to control. Secondly our local Y pool has a nice zero-entry (wade-in) area and then this area I knew at least S could walk across and probably AL as well, so that just left me with baby B and DJ. Worst case I figured I could bring baby B to the playroom and best case hubby would make it in time to join us. Luck was with us and I didn't need to bring baby B to the playroom, but hubby was stuck at work.

So how did I do it..... well we all started in the super shallows and for the first 45 minutes I just sat with B in my lap and DJ splashed right near me. Miss S and her brother played all over the shallow area. I was able to see them, and I while I was uncomfortable not being within arms reach of them, I had to realize that this is just the first of many times I will have to be out of my comfort zone when it comes to certain situations. S has had swimming lessons for the past year so she has a halfway decent doggy paddle if necessary, but the shallows don't require swimming though she did for fun. I was trying my best not to laugh at her attempting to backstroke on her own! She was so cute!

I should mention that prior to leaving the car I reviewed the rules of the pool with the older two:
  2. The LIFEGUARDS are in charge of EVERYONE, including the adults.
  3. No splashing
That being said I was confident in my their ability to follow the rules. I really believe that in some situations if the parents have faith in their children the children will excel, and today they did. They came out of the pool nicely when it was adult swim, no real complaining and sat on our blanket nicely with a snack, while B had a snack too.

Our second voyage into the pool little DJ suddenly became adventurous. He was chasing a beach ball all over the shallows and headed towards the water over his head. Once he discovered the deeper water that was where he wanted to stay and play. S found a friend from her preschool and played with her while AL tagged along.

Overall it was a great trip and I may be repeating it again on Monday and throughout the summer. Questions?

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