Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping, part 2

Ok my friends, due to numerous comments from all of you I am expanding the camping/relaxation post.

So my crazy family camps in a tent. A one room, 12' X 10' tent. How do we all fit you may ask? Well it's pretty easy while the kids are little. Three in their sleeping bags, hubby and I together with baby B between us. The only other stuff in the tent are our clothes, shoes, towels, diapers and a potty. Everything else is stored in the car. When we were a smaller family I used to keep our dry goods in the tent, but there is no room now.

I love my tent I have to say. It's fun all sleeping together and it makes tending to the kids much easier. The biggest hassle is bedtime & naptime keeping little hands to themselves and staying in one spot. I really want a pop-up for the conveince of storing things and not having to pack the car as we do, but I love my tent.

The great thing about camping the way we do currently is that we camp with our church group. It's great to arrive and assistance setting up the tent, managing the children, etc. I have a difficult time picturing us doing it without them. In fact since we have had our children we have not camped on our own. I know we can do it, but somedays I'm leary. I love my camping group, we share meals (breakfast & dinner) which can be challenge at times when you have little kids who want to eat sooner, but it really makes it much easier. I also love that my kids usually have someone to play with, whether it's an older child or teenager or another adult. We all look out for one another's kids and camping in a group means the kids have a larger area to run and play.

Our group I have to say is one of those groups that I used to envy as a kid. Did you ever go camping and see a group that was laughing, having a great time and lots of kids playing? Well that's us! We'd love for you guys to join us camping sometime. While it is a church group, we are not in your face about religion or bible thumpers. I have to say that most of the extent of our religiouness (is that a word?) is praying before meals and those who attend mass while we are away on the weekends. We're a laid back group and would love for you to join us!

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