Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One husband.....

I want to introduce the "one husband". My husband and I have been married for 7, almost 8 years. We met in high school through the internet after I moved to a new area my senior year. He was born an raised in the midwest in the same town constantly around his family, so different from my experiences. He graduated high school and while I went the traditional route and went off to college he joined the United States Marines Corps.

We had a long distance courtship, including him being stationed in Okinawa for a year. We survived it all and I think we are stronger for it. He is an amazing man who agreed to this PhD journey, even though he had not yet finished his bachelor's degree (and still hasn't- again because of me). My wonderful husband agreed to pack up and move to another state knowing I was pregnant with our first baby and begin a new adventure........ I think, well I know, he's crazy. But he loves me, and I love him so we make it work. This is his constant phrase "we'll make it work" or "do what you need to do, we'll manage"

Now I don't know about you, but I haven't met many men who say those things are really mean them to their wives. Especially knowing that it means you may be tackling 3-4 kids by yourself, laundry, dinner, preschool, etc. by yourself all so your wife can fulfill her dream of a PhD. Did I mention that I LOVE my husband?! I can only hope that I can be as supportive to him when he finishes school as he has been to me the past 5 years.

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