Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Housing Saga: The Backstory

So in an effort to limit our stress let me share our current struggles. When I accepted my new position at this Children's Hospital hubby and I were not in good financial shape, sum it up of: 4 kids in 4 years, 2 layoffs, medical problems, paycuts and trying to limit how much student loan money we were accepting. Because if you didn't know, I was not a funded graduate student. I paid for my PhD with student loans. I don't regret it, but trying to live off our income and supplement with student loans does not make for a good financial situation, especially as your family grows. Thank God for our families to help us out!

But I digress, so we came house hunting, narrowed down our choices and went to put an offer on a home. Our agent then told us that we needed a pre-qualification letter for to place our offer. Well, we applied for a second mortgage and rightly so the mortgage company denied us. I can't blame them. So there we were about 4 weeks out from my start date and no where to live. Our agent found us this rental home, and we agreed to a 1 year lease. The house fits us, but it's not a great area or great school for our kids. In fact about 2 weeks ago DJ was attacked by the neighbor kid across the street who is 7 by wrapping our garden hose around his neck.... yeah so we are definitely ready to leave this place.

So, our lease was due to be up February 1 and we didn't want to move in the middle of the year so we extended our current lease for another 6 months. We figured that we would have time to get our financial stuff in order and be in a house in June, July at the latest. Sounds like a good plan right? We thought so too, but life happens and, as it always seems to happen this way, hubby and I are struggling with housing right now.

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