Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Housing Saga: Underwrite Update

So we submitted that boatload of paperwork to the underwriter last week. Mr. Finance Guy said it could be possibly be ready so that we could look at houses last weekend (6/21/14), well we heard nothing, so we visited more open houses. Oh joy.......

We waited patiently (at least as patiently as possible) and contacted Mr. Finance Guy Monday afternoon. He checked on our file and it had not been touched yet. Luckily for us he is a nice guy and pushed it up the management chain to get it reviewed. We received our feedback this afternoon and we are neither approved or denied. I feel like my life is now a multiple choice question. Our file is "suspended" until we provide them with more paperwork, maybe even a DNA sample, heck I feel like if they want me to pee in a cup while upside down I will do it just to get this pre-qualification letter. Because until we get this letter we cannot even go LOOK at houses with our agent. Are you frustrated yet? Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn't to us, but really whatever we need to do to move this process along, and on a positive note, we weren't denied!

So stay tuned for further updates and PLEASE say some prayers, otherwise we have no idea where we will be living as of August 1.

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