Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Running Thoughts has been months since I last updated you all here. Honestly, if I could blog while I run there would be a lot more posts up here on everything from politics to religion to family to stress, etc. But since those masterminds at Google haven't created yet the device to translate my running thoughts directly to my blog, I guess you all just have to wait in suspense.......

So I posted last September having just finished my first race ever, and here I am in May posting again after my second race: another half marathon. Trend anyone? So funny thing is I feel like now instead of fielding the "how do you do it" questions about school and 4 kiddos I get the "what do you do/think about on those long runs?"

So here are some my random thoughts from my amazing race this past Sunday. Which, for the record, I cut off an amazing 6 minutes off my previous time. Thank you Wildwoods!

  • Mile 0-1 wow.... lots of people, I forgot what running with this many people is like..... Hey! Why can't I hear my music? oh yeah......I turned down the volume earlier
  • Mile 1-2 HEY! THERE ARE MY KIDS and HUBBY! (I ran past with a smile and got big high fives!) and then my favorite thought; bathrooms? seriously we're like 20-25 min into our run and you girls have to pee already! Can't you hold it for another 2 hours?
  • Mile 4 seriously? only mile 4?
  • Mile 6 do I see uphill ahead? I thought this was a flat course
  • Mile 7-8 thank goodness I trained hills! that bridge was easy, WHAT?! the turnaround is here, you mean I have to do that bridge again like right now?!
  • Mile 9 time for some chapstick......or not (as i dropped it)
  • Mile 10 HOME STRETCH BABY! (which for the record I actually yelled out loud, because what's another 3 miles when you have already run 10)
  • Mile 11.5 as I pass a volunteer who cheers and says 1.5 more to go, I yelled back to him with a grin "HOME STRETCH BABY!"
  • Mile 12.75 THERE ARE MY KIDS and HUBBY! and praise the lord I can see the finish!
There were other thoughts along the way, but honestly I don't really think that much while I run. I just love the mind clearing and cleansing that it brings.

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