Monday, May 21, 2012


So about 3 weeks ago I "graduated." I walked across a stage, was hooded by my primary adviser, shook hands with the president and dean, had lots of pictures taken and had family and friends there. Here's the catch- I'm not actually done.

It's funny. To me walking across that stage meant so much to me, and it was difficult until right before the ceremony to be super excited about it. I have fought so long and so hard for this, that I expected to be ecstatic. I wasn't, and I believe that it was just because I'm not done yet. I know lots of people go through similar situations, but I had not planned on this, nor realized how it would impact me until I experienced it. While I had the option to delay participating and graduate in December hubby and I made the choice to do it in May because we do not plan on being here in December and it does not make financial sense to have everyone trek back here to watch me walk. I also made the choice to tell my family that I did not want a big celebration, nor gifts, until I am completely done. Sometimes I feel like I may have cheated them out of a celebration, but I am hoping that they can join us when I defend, because there will be a party then! I know everyone understands, but I just wanted to let you all know that I love you all and I know you are supporting me (and hubby and the kids) as we finish this process.

So the abridged version of where I stand right now is that EVERYTHING is written, we are just editing. Which is a major chore when the initial comments were you need to cut, which I knew but sometimes you just don't have a clue where or how, but I have persevered and I think at least one chapter may be done until my outside member reads it. We are trying to finalize a date in early July, which is a month later than I wanted, but when your adviser gets it in her head that she will be reading your dissertation on her vacation there is no arguing. While I applaud her efforts and dedication- I wouldn't want to read my dissertation (or anyone's) while I am on vacation. So a few prayers if you please that I will get the early July date and not the others and for me to have great focus and learning the next month or so.

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