Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You know it's Monday

You know it's Monday when......
  • you didn't get any sleep last night because the baby decided to cry inconsolably whether she was in her crib, being held or in your bed
  • it starts pouring right about the time you want to leave for the morning
  • there's no hot water for your shower at the YMCA after a good run
  • the frigid cold water in the YMCA shower has almost no pressure so it takes forever to feel clean
  • your potty training child goes through 2 pairs of training pants (and shorts) before noon and has to leave the YMCA in a rain coat, shirt, shoes and training pants
  • the two youngest fall asleep in the car after the YMCA on the way to pick up the older siblings
  • your potty training child then has a tantrum and pees himself in his carseat after picking up the siblings from camp
  • the side of veggie fried rice you have with lunch is spoiled and you don't discover it until you take a bite
  • your overtired second youngest child (aka the potty training one) doesn't want to take a nap when he clearly needs one........
  • your laptop battery is dead when you are a subject's home and you don't have the charger with you
  • you are 30 minutes late to your second appointment
  • you start getting a migraine at your second subject's home
And you know it's been a Monday when you have to finish your post about Mondays on a Tuesday....

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