Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mommy guilt

As a mom I experience my fair share of "mommy guilt". Don't we all? I shouldn't have said that, done that, etc. Somedays are certainly worse than others, and as my hubby will point out my temper is worse when blood sugar is low, so mealtimes are probably the worst. Days like today when B falls asleep in the car on the way home from the farmer's market sound like a great way to get a meal ready, but then tempers flare in the kitchen because to me it is more important to get my kids food ready than me. So today I got their lunches together and in the midst B woke up and I had to let her cry while I finished preparing (mommy guilt #1). I hate leaving her in her car seat screaming, but it's faster to finish the task at hand sometimes than grab her and get back to work.

After fixing the 3 lunches I grabbed her and fed her, because I knew she just needed to eat and get back to sleep. Well in the midst of feeding B I heard commotion in the kitchen. Lord only knows what was going on, but DJ's plate was on the floor and S and Al had eaten some, but not a lot. My temper flared and I sent them off to bed with the instructions to put away the milk cups and leave out their lunch- they could have it for snack. B was carrying on in her crib while I got DJ ready and found that S and Al had thrown all their food in the trashcan. Temper continued to flare and stupidly told them no snack today since they threw their food away. Well we haven't had snack yet today, but I will give them one, since it was mommy temper (major mommy guilt) due to low blood sugar that started the whole escapade.

Managed to get a little food in my belly since B had fussed herself to sleep (more mommy guilt) and wallah! temper fixed. I hate when I miss the signs that lead to me to have a temper due to blood sugar.

On the flip side of mommy guilt I REFUSE to have mommy guilt about dropping my kids off at the Y daycare (even if I just picked them up from the sitter) so I can squeeze in a run. I run/exercise for me so I can be healthy for me and my kids.

To take a note from friend. Today's lesson: sometimes mommy guilt is good and sometimes it just stinks!

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  1. I had a big ole dose of that mommy guilt yesterday after being super crabby to the kid. Fortunately, today's another day and I'm not quite so cranky ;) Hope you're having a better day, too!