Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I know. I know. It's January 31 and I'm just now getting around to wishing you all a happy new year. Well it's a been a bit busy the household since mid-November. You can imagine that holidays with 4 little ones makes life a bit hectic (fun though!) And well toss into the mix the cross country move and other excitement, well I'm a bit behind.

So to catch you all up on things. Just before Thanksgiving I accepted a pediatric physical therapy position at a lovely children's hospital. They gave me a start date of January 14, so we had to do some hustling to get to our new location (9-10 hours from where we were then located). We made it through Thanksgiving. I cooked a lovely turkey and my father fried a lovely turkey. We ate turkey for what seemed like weeks! It was heavenly. Directly following Thanksgiving S had her holiday dance recital and then hubby and I flew out to look at homes. Lucky for us we had our current home already on the market so we at least didn't have to add to the chaos of finding a realtor to sell our current home. On a whirlwind weekend in which I believe we actually outpaced my parents in looking at properties we picked a house. Well the mortgage companies had other ideas and basically told us no! you can't have 2 mortgages. So we had to rent........sight unseen........which we found out at the end of December is nearly impossible to do in our new state. Lucky for us the realtor in the new location was willing to walk through a property for us.

So imagine, prior to Christmas we think we are buying a house, days before Christmas we find out we have nowhere to live. Makes for a joyful Christmas right? Well lucky for us the excitement of the kiddos rubs off. We made it through Christmas and into New Years, still with no housing. Lucky for us the real estate agency approved our application to rent days before we were scheduled to move.

We had packers come Tuesday January 8, they finished on the 9th and the truck was loaded that day as well. Also lucky for us the driver promised us delivery that Friday! So we set off really late Wednesday the 9th for our new destination, 2 cars loaded with 1 driver each and 2 kiddos. My hubby had the joy of driving with our cat as well. The family arrived late Thursday afternoon at our new location and we had a camp-out in the master bedroom.  Early the next morning arrived our moving van and we started the process of settling in. Let me tell you that this house has some interesting quirks...... (though I'll have to save those for another post or two or three).

So that was the first half of my month of the new year, thus the extremely late "Happy New Year!"

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