Thursday, December 13, 2012


So I know a lot of people (including me!) did the 30 days of thanks on Facebook  Well I took a few moments and went to look at what I was thankful for over the month. It generally summed up to my family and friends. There were quite a few posts about hubby and his consideration and support and love, which were followed by assistance from family, from filling in with daycare to providing financial support, none of what I have accomplished could have been done without them. Then of course there were my friends, finding me a last minute babysitter, keeping pace with me through the years, etc. It was interesting to see how it varied each day, and the occasional days that I was thankful for something rather than someone. It makes me wonder if I forced myself everyday to find ONE thing that I was thankful for how would it change as compared to November. Well........honestly I don't know. I (like everyone else) stopped on December 1 counting these blessings, but it is something I am going to keep doing, at least in my head.

I mean I know I complain and whine about not having any money (it's true!) and being stressed (also true), but there are a lot of people who have it much worse. My family and I have a roof over our heads, food to eat (while it might not be a lot or exactly what I want- it's food!), a safe car(s) to drive and a lovely school for our children. This is significantly more than a large portion of the world. I have freedoms that others do not, and a large host of other things, material goods and non-material things as well. And well, I generally try to keep my blog free of politics and religion, but I can't keep to myself that God has provided for me and my family through some very difficult times, and I just wanted to share that.

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