Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My crazy days

     So it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog. It’s certainly been on my mind, but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to write a few things. To give you an idea of how busy here is an average day:
            7:00am wake-up get ready and get kids ready and eat breakfast
            8:00am out the door to preschool
            8:30-11:30am on Tuesdays work at preschool
            11:30-1:30 get kids home, feed lunch and get the boys down for a nap and my big girl set up with an activity
            1:30-3:30 wrestle B to sleep, hold her for most of the nap, because generally when I lay her down she is up within 20 minutes
            3:30-4:00 get kids up and feed a snack
            4:00-5:00 take them outside to play (or maybe I can put some laundry away)
            5:30-6:30 fix dinner and eat it too…
            6:30-7:00 get myself out the door
            7:00-11:00pm (or later) work at school on my dissertation
WHEW! Are you tired yet?! Don’t mind that when I get home at 11/12 B usually wakes up and wants to nurse and is then up every 2-3 hours. It’s exhausting. Tuesdays are especially challenging as we have dance class at 4:30. Monday and Wednesdays we have swim lessons in the morning, so instead of preschool we head to the Y, where generally (though this week has been bad) I can get in a 30-minute run/walk session on the treadmill.
     Now here’s an interesting note: my advisor says to me- well I did all my dissertation work from 9pm-2am. Bully for her, cause while she had 3 boys who all slept and were not as close as mine I don’t have the luxury of working repeatedly until 2am. I did it Monday night to the dismay of hubby and let me tell you I barely survived Tuesday. 
     Needless to say we are running on full steam here to get this dissertation done. I am writing everynight, except Sundays. I need one full day NOT to work on this project, and today I really want to take a mental health day and do nothing but enjoy this spring day. Sadly, I won’t even though I know I need it, because I will be wracked with guilt when come Saturday I end up being at school all afternoon and most of the evening trying to meet my next deadline. So instead I decided to write this blog post! Lucky you!

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