Saturday, February 4, 2012

randomness update

An update from the crazy household.

In an effort to get this PhD done I have not been blogging, in fact most nights I am at school or Panera or Starbucks analyzing data, writing, emailing or literature searching. That my friends is the glamorous life of a mom of 4, PhD student who needs and wants to get it DONE. Why at night may you ask? Why not at home? Well baby B (now a year old!) is sleeping a bit bitter, but really still up entirely too much and I just can't work well when she keeps waking up, so off I go. I'm working at night, because the honest truth is money is extremely tight in our household and we are really having to watch how many hours we book our wonderful so that she can still be paid and we can not be any more broke than we already are! Thus we eat dinner, I feed B and off I go until 9, 10 or 11 depending on where I go and how I'm feeling. The good news is that my committee has agreed to let me complete the graduation paperwork. Now I just need to get a move on!

In other notes, B turned a year. We had a nice party planned, and it turned out to just be our family that came. Made me a bit sad for B, since when you look at everyone else's first birthday pictures there are lots of people and she had a really small turnout, but I can't control the world (as much as I try). Generally she's a happy healthy girl. Not yet walking, will take a step or so, but quite content to crawl and cruise. I'm not concerned, she will be a terror when she gets upright and moving! She's into everything as it is already. I have never had a child so interested in the trash or toilet paper or the boys potty......

Other news....... we are loving our new van. Did I mention that hubby got in a nasty wreck in the beginning of December and totaled our family car? He's fine, and so is B who was also in the car. The car and car seats had to be replaced. So we switched from a Chrysler Pacifica, which we loved, but had really outgrown to a lovely Dodge Grand Caravan. OMG it's amazing and we only have a basic model, but there is so much room compared to the other car. And by the way did you think that it would be possible to car shop with four kids in tow? Well it is! Have to say that it went surprisingly smooth shopping with our four- hubby and I were impressed with them. The other day in the car they actually asked when we were going to the car store again!

There really isn't much going on these days. Kids are back in swimming lessons, preschool is in session and dance class has resumed. It's a busy week going between all these, trying to study/write and not go insane, but thus far we are surviving.

On a side note I have two sites I would like to refer you all to.
One is for the founder and owner of Cotton Babies who is trying to get legislation in place to help families NOT have to choose between diapers and food. I can say that without our cloth diapers, we would be pretty close to the being one of those families. I can relate to her story about $30 per week for groceries and a WIC check. It's no secret that we live off our WIC checks. Without those, well........ I don't want to think about it. Anyways please read her blog post here and share it with your friends and family.
The second is another blog post from a pro-breastfeeding dad. I found it amusing and I love to hear things from the dad's perspective. Maybe someday I can get hubby to write a post about breastfeeding. So here it is, I hope you enjoy.

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