Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So following the previous post about my not being a supermom I wanted to chat for a minute about my mother-in-law. My hubby's mother is a wonderful woman with a great heart and soul. She was technically a single mom, but really raised my hubby and his adopted brother with support of her sisters, brothers and wonderful family. It's a bit complicated to explain, and I won't go into it here and now but it's a neat story.

So I wanted to say that my mother-in-law who came up last week (or maybe the week before, I really can't remember which!) had the unfortunate experience to witness me at some of my worst mommy moments. From the screaming in the morning (and afternoon) to the exhaustion in the evening my mother-in-law never said one word to me about my behavior. And that my friends is the mark of an amazing woman. It's one thing to see a mom in the store or spend a day with her and watch her for a few moments at her worst with her children, but to spend 4 days living in someone's house and witness all that she did and still remain calm and quiet it's remarkable. So my dear mother-in-law, THANK YOU!

Thank you for understanding that we were at our limits and not treating me (or my hubby) like children and chastising our behavior.
Thank you for listening when we just felt the need to complain.
Thank you for being there with hugs for the grandkids.
Thank you for watching them while our sitter was busy.
Thank you for taking baby B in the middle of the night when hubby and I were at our whits ends.
Thank you for taking us out to dinner and saving us the chaos of making dinner.
Thank you for your silence and your love.

THANK YOU. Thank you. thank you.........

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  1. While none of us are supermoms, we all have moments. Also, we all have our own superpowers that we can give to others. Your MIL showed you some of hers - being loving and nonjudgemental. And you just showed some of yours - being honest and appreciative. And while you may not be perfect, I am constantly amazed at your and hubby's ability to organize and get your kids' needs met.
    Mornings are hard at our house, too. There was yelling this morning for sure. Ugh. I appreciate your honesty in sharing. We all feel a little less alone when we know we're not alone in this parenting thing!