Monday, February 2, 2015

Why become that?

So I was asked to complete an assignment for a new phase of my life and I decided that I would make this public, even though it doesn't have to be. I can't hide myself, nor do I want to. So let me take you on a little journey.

As many of you know 2014 had some challenging moments for my family and I:

  • We thought for a long period of time we were going to be homeless, or forced to live in a home that we no longer felt safe in. And every temporary solution we seemed to come across fell through
  • We lost our beloved nanny (we moved and she had a baby), and then another nanny (she took a new position). 
  • I had 2 nasty staph infections. One of which kept me out of work for a week.
  • We lost hubby's oldest Aunt to cancer on Thanksgiving. She wasn't just an aunt, but really his third Mom.
  • and on it goes
Well, thanks to the amazing generosity of our families we were able to move to one of dream school districts and into an amazing house. Sure it needs work, but really that's something that hubby and I enjoy (and hate to enjoy). All the while during this super stressful period, I had been bonding with a friend from Facebook. With her encouragement (and the support of my family, coworkers and friends) I made that crazy decision to train for a marathon. A full marathon. Now let that sink in.... almost homeless and what do I want to do? Run 26.2 miles for fun?!

In the midst of that training, and moving, and searching for a nanny I made an incredible bond with this Facebook friend of mine. She was my outlet when the running got the best of me, my trainer to keep me motivated and just an all around great friend. And this is NOT said to discount my hubby, whom I love and adore, but sometimes you need someone who has been through something similar. And hubby, well, he's been through some rough stuff himself (hello! becoming a Marine isn't easy!), but he's not a runner and never trained for a marathon. This friend of mine on Facebook is someone I have yet to meet in real life, but she serves as an inspiration to me. Do I want to be just like her?

Nope! I LOVE being me. I'm crazy, fun, passionate, and temperamental (hey I'm just being honest). My friend is a BeachBody coach, and we used a BeachBody program as my cross training for my marathon. Thus became my love affair with BeachBody programs. I was invited a number of times through a few different people to consider being a BeachBody coach, but I always turned it down. I was too busy, too something..... every time I was asked. Then December rolled around and I found myself done with my marathon (YEAH!), grieving our Aunt, preparing for Christmas (and my girls' January birthdays) and realized that I was missing something from my life. I can't tell you what was missing or how exactly I knew something wasn't there, when honestly I'm not sure I was all there, but something was missing. It wasn't work or family or friends or anything truly tangible, but I needed something. And it wasn't my faith, because that carried me through the year.

I started thinking that maybe it was my job. My job keeps me on my feet in helping children with special needs and their families. AND I LOVE IT! I truly do. For those of you with kids, remember when they took their first steps? I get to do that for a living. I get the privilege of helping children and parents, and being a witness to milestones and I get paid to do it. It's an amazing feeling. It was actually my job and completeing my marathon training that made me come to figure out what was missing. I was impacting children's lives (and their parents), but I wanted to inspire EVERYONE to be healthy, not just my patients (and coworkers- who think I'm crazy). Thus prompted my decision to become a BeachBody coach.

I spent ages thinking about it. How would it conflict with work, family, being a physical therapist? Would it take away my already limited family time? How would hubby feel about it? And on and on it went, but as usual I did what always do and dove right into it. I ordered a new program and committed myself, and hubby (without his knowledge). I figured if I could inspire hubby to get moving and healthy I had a shot at inspiring others.

I don't know if I succeeded in the ways I had originally intended, but hubby and I stuck through the program for the month. Sure we didn't always work out together, nor did we eat the same, but do I think I made a difference..... yes I do.

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