Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Quest for A License: Update

So here is the quick update on the license situation. I have never received that certified letter I was promised. I did finally make contact with a lovely person at the State Board office who figured out why I never got my letter: the secretary responsible for drafting said letter was out on FMLA. As I have stated on other forums it must be nice to work for a company where you are not required to have someone cover your work....... but I digress. The representative that I have been able to contact has managed to work with their lawyer to get the letter drafted and they so nicely emailed me a copy, with no mention that I would receive a paper copy. I have requested the paper copy. I think my favorite part of the letter is the salutation: Dear Ms. I'm sorry, did you miss the PhD after my name? This is a formal letter from the State Board and while I don't mean to be nit-picky- I worked my tail off for 5 years to earn that PhD! A little respect please!

In the mean time I have been building my case to present before the board. I will have to appear before the board February 26 and this appears to be my one shot to state my case. I have letters coming from my dissertation advisors and former co-workers and the state where I have the sanction sending a letter saying I am in good standing and have met all the requirements of the sanction. I have the ability to bring a lawyer, but I haven't consulted one yet. My current plan is to just present the facts and state the case as it appears to me. Though I am VERY open to suggestions.

So if you are praying people I could use those prayers!

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